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Sometimes getting help for tech-related issues can be intimidating because of either challenges describing the issue, thinking your issue is not worthy, or it might be too expensive, or other.

That is why I say, "just ask".

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What does the social media analysis do?


The basic social media analysis is free. I take an objective look at your social media accounts like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. and examine them for strengths and weaknesses. You get a report of your account strengths and weaknesses. If you know what they are, the strengths of how you use your account can be enhanced to grow it even more. The weaknesses of how your account is setup can stunt growth, repel your audience, be a security issue, or more. It's also another good way for you to get noticed.


Do you really work with any budget?


Yes, I can work with any budget. I have products for any budget, even zero budgets. My services and products range from free to low cost, and I offer savings on bulk purchases for those customers and businesses that manage a lot (bulk domains, social media accounts, websites). Save money with a package over an individual item. Not sure what product is best for you? Or want help stretching your money? Just ask!